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Community Based Grantwriting Initiative Corporate Funding Database

Supported by the Dyer-Ives Foundation

The Fortune 100 Database, compiled and supported by the Dyer-Ives Foundation, provides information on corporate and related philanthropy to assist Grand Rapids-area non-profit organizations in attracting national resources. In concert with its Community-based Grantwriter Initiative, the tool is designed to serve as a starting point to inform local efforts seeking support from corporate and related foundations.

The following database contains philanthropic topics and support of the Forbes 2014 Fortune 100 list, focused on Kent County, MI. All information provided is publicly available in IRS 990 reports. Please contact regarding content or use.


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Grants Made in Grand Rapids Since 2010

Company Grant Totals in Grand Rapids Since 2010 Keywords
3M $0 Education, Environment
AT&T $39,000 Education, Community Development
Aetna $0 Health
Aflac $0 Health, Education, Arts
Alcoa $0 Environment, Education
Allstate $0 Community Development, Environment $0 Arts, Human Services
American Express $0 Community Development
Archer Daniels Midland $0 Environment, Education
Baker Hughes $0 Education, Health
Bank of America $347,780 Economic Development, Environment, Arts, Housing, Social Services
Best Buy $8,000 Education
Boeing $0 Education, Environment, Health, Human Services, Arts, Civic Engagement
CHS $0 Environment, Education
CIGNA $0 Health
CVS Caremark $50,000 Health
Caterpillar $12,500 Education, Environment, Emergency Relief
Chevron $0 Economic Development, Health, Education
Cisco $0 Education, Environment, Human Services
Citigroup $0 Economic Development, Education
Coca-Cola $0 Environment, Education
Comcast $55,000 Technology
ConocoPhillips $0 Education, Health, Arts, Human Services
Costco Wholesale $0 Children, Education, Health, Human Services
Deere $0 Human Services, Education, Community Development
Delta Air Lines $0 Health, Arts, Environment
Dow Chemical $21,750 Community Development, Education, Environment
DuPont $0 Education
Duke Energy $0 Education
Emerson Electric $15,000 Education, Health, Arts, Human Services
Express Scripts Holding $0 Health, Education, Veterans
Exxon Mobil $140,000 Health, Education, Economic Development
FedEx $0 Environment, Education
Fluor $0 Education, Human Services, Economic Development, Community Development
Ford Motor $0 Education, Community Development
General Electric $776,976 Health, Education, Environment
General Motors $11,080 Education, Health, Environment
Google $0 Education, Environment
HCA Holdings $0 Health, Arts
Halliburton $0 Education, Health, Human Services
Home Depot $0 Veterans
Humana $0 Health
Ingram Micro $0 Education
Intel $0 Education
International Paper $0 Environment, Education, Health, Human Services
J.P. Morgan Chase $540,000 Housing, Economic Development, Workforce Development
Johnson & Johnson $0 Economic Development, Health
Johnson Controls $58,131 Arts, Education, Health, Environment
Kimberly-Clark $0 Human Services
Kroger $32,419 Hunger, Health, Veterans
Liberty Mutual Insurance $10,000 Education, Health, Arts, Human Services
Lockheed Martin $0 Veterans, Education, Civic Engagement
Lowe's $14,500 Education, Housing
Macy's $0 Arts, Education, Environment
ManpowerGroup $0 Workforce Development
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance $0 Education, Workforce Development, Economic Development, Community Development
McDonald's $146,441 Children, Health
Merck $0 Health, Education, Community Development
MetLife $0 Economic Development
Microsoft $0 Youth, Education, Employment, Arts, Human Services
Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) $0 Health
Morgan Stanley $10,000 Environment, Health, Community Development
Nationwide $0 Human Services
New York Life Insurance $0 Education
Northrop Grumman $0 Education, Veterans, Health, Environment
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance $50,100 Education, Community Development
Oracle $0 Education
PepsiCo $13,000 Environment, Education, Arts, Health, Human Services
Pfizer $138,942 Health, Education
Philip Morris International $0 Education, Arts, Community Development, Environment
Proctor & Gamble $0 Health
Prudential Financial $0 Economic Development, Education, Arts
Publix Super Markets $5,000 Education, Human Services
Raytheon $0 Education
Rite Aid $15,000 Health
Safeway $0 Human Services, Education
Sears $0 Health, Veterans, Education, Housing
Sprint Nextel $0 Education, Arts, Human Services
Staples $0 Education, Workforce Development
State Farm Insurance $0 Education, Civic Engagement, Community Development
Supervalu $0 Health, Human Services, Environment
Sysco $0 Human Services, Environment
TJX $20,000 Human Services
Target $0 Education, Environment, Health, Arts
Tesoro $0 Education, Community Development, Economic Development
Time Warner $0 Arts
Travelers $0 Education, Community Development, Arts
Tyson Foods $0 Human Services, Education, Community Development, Veterans
United Continental $0 Community Development
United Parcel Service $10,000 Community Development, Environment
United States Steel $0 Education, Health
United Technologies $0 Community Development, Education
Valero Energy $0 Children, Education, Health, Human Services
Verizon Communications $69,133 Health, Education, Environment
Wal-Mart Stores $787,874 Social Services, Economic Development, Workforce Development
Walgreens $0 Health, Civic Engagement, Human Services
WellPoint $0 Health
Wells Fargo $68,000 Community Development, Education, Human Services, Arts, Environment
Whirlpool $4,000 Education, Community Development, Arts
Xerox $0 Education, Workforce Development